RCGP First5®

First5® is an initiative by the Royal College of General Practitioners to support newly qualified GPs in the first five years leading up to the point of their first revalidation.

First5® Leads in each area help to maintain their region's content by adding relevant information to their section of the site.

The Five Pillars are key concepts. More information is available on the RCGP First5® page

PillarHow NewGPScotland supports thisConnecting with College - Promoting a sense of belonging and appropriate representation for the First5 cohort within the college.Supported by this website by bringing the 5 regions of Scotland together on one site and giving a shared platform for First5 leads to use.Facilitating networks – Encouraging peer support and mentoring through the development of local networks using the RCGP faculty structure.NewGPScotland's local pages aim to connect GPs to colleagues in their region by highlighting existing groups and giving contact details for supporting organisations.Supporting revalidation – Offering support through revalidation.Educational events in each region of Scotland are advertised on this site to support CPD and revalidation.Career mentorship – Highlighting the opportunities a career in general practice offers and helping new GPs get the most out of being a GP. 

Our region pages highlight local mentoring systems where they exist. Please also check out the Mentoring section of My RCGP.

Continuing professional development (CPD) – Identifying areas of CPD which members in the first five years feel are not well provided and developing materials which will be address their learning needs.Educational events in each region of Scotland are advertised on this site to support CPD and revalidation.