NB Medical Education Hot Topics GP Update Course - Edinburgh

For 20 years NB Medical Education has been the market leader in running the 'Hot Topics' GP Update course in the UK and Ireland.  

We take the time that you do not have, to go through all of the literature for you and then present it in a digestible, TED style, 'bite-size' format which is both easy to retain and apply.  Because we are working GPs we understand what is relevant for busy GPs and Nurses to know, and we know how to present it in an engaging way.  Our teaching is focussed on the patient, the problems they bring us and how best we can help them.  Accompanying the Hot Topics GP Update Course is a detailed reference book summarising all the clinical 'Hot Topics' and online access to the booklet with multiple KISS ('keep it simple summaries') for common and important conditions to give you quick evidence-based answers.  The electronic format is designed to be used in consultations.  It is instantly searchable, and hyper-linked to original sources of information and multiple time-saving resources for you and your patient. 

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