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RCGP First 5 Lead - North Scotland Faculty

I entered the Caledonian Programme 2011, worked in Orkney, Beauly, Inverness, Elgin and graduated in 2014. I served as a trainee representative in North Faculty and in local LMC and decided to carry on! After the salaried post in Elgin, I became a partner in a lovely practice in Dunoon within the beautiful Argyll.
I love my work and it was the best decision I made to become a GP. I still do some out of hours’ work. I enjoy what Argyll offers me at my doorstep, even when it rains!
Other than my work, I enjoy fishing, cycling, cooking, playing guitar, rocking out some Red Hot Chilli Peppers tunes (and sometimes the Pipers too) and I also try to play cricket if the weather and time permit!

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